RCMB IVA Conducts IT & GAD Trainings

Human Resource is the most important capital of any organization. To achieve and attain the goals of an organization, it should always take into consideration enhancing the capability of its personnel.

In order to keep the high standards of public service, the Branch initiated a capability enhancement activity for its personnel.

Focusing on two topics, Zoom Video Conferencing and Safe Spaces Act, the Branch expects its personnel to continue the delivery of excellent service to its clients.

The first lecture was discussed by Mr. Romwell Q. Aguilar, a homegrown talent concurrently acting as the IT focal person of the Branch.

He tackled and reintroduced the nitty gritty of using the zoom video conference application.

To be more familiarized and acquainted, a workshop was conducted on every topic of the said platform.

It was a great help for all, especially those who are facilitating their conferences, technical assistance, and webinars virtually.

The second part of the activity was the discussion of Republic Act No. 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act.

The Branch very own Conciliator-Mediator Arnheim P. Ravelo was the resource speaker.

Con-Med Ravelo discussed the background of this law and its differences from Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995.

He used his wittiness to explain and expound every provision of the law.

He was able to engage the participants to actively participate in the discussion even though the time allotted to him was considered as unholy hours.

The participants understood the importance of respect for every human being in any place at any time.

These topics optimized every potential of each personnel and enhanced their skills in delivering excellent public service of the Branch.

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