It is indeed lucky for Lucky 4A Corporation as the labor dispute between the Union and Management was resolved and eventually will lead to the facilitation of the company’s Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) and Grievance Machinery (GM), which have been inactive in years.

The crux of the dispute begun when Management and its Union failed to settle the latter’s issues due to dormancy of their LMC and GM in the workplace.

This led to the Union’s filing of a Preventive Mediation on 16 July 2021 grounded on unfair labor practice alleging non-implementation of some of the provisions in their CBA.

The issues were gradually settled in six conciliation-mediation conferences.

The company uniform was settled during the first conference, while the others were eventually settled and disposed of thru the brilliant facilitation of Con-Med Ravelo.

The parties came-up with acceptable solutions to the issues resulting to the reversion of full rice subsidy of all workers in the bargaining unit effective 25 July 2021 and the reimbursement of the unpaid subsidies during the first eight (8) months of pandemic, specifically for March 2020 to October 2020.

With the concurrence of Management to the demand of the Union and the need to strengthen the communication between the parties, Con-Med Ravelo, grasped the opportunity to promote LMC and GM to the parties.

“In sustaining industrial peace, creation of LMC/GM is important to have an effective communication and cooperation. This will benefit both workers and management to easily and smoothly address different issues inside the company, Con-Med Ravelo emphasized.

The Union and Management responded positively and immediately request the Branch to help them facilitate their LMC and GM.

Lucky 4A has more or less fifty (50) employees and LMC/GM shall be an opportunity for parties to be more cooperative to have a more peaceful workplace environment.

End/Romwell Q. Aguilar2021