Perseverance, patience and expertise are the key factors that Conciliator-Mediator Corazon Fegi used for the successful twin settlement in a day of two labor disputes last July 2, 2021

            These cases were the Notice of Strike at Provision Gloves Apparel Inc. (PGAI) and Preventive Mediation of Siemens Power Operations, Inc. (Siemen’s Energy Inc.).

            The Notice of Strike at PGAI started when PGAI Workers’ Union – FFW filed it on December 4, 2020.

Issues such on Unfair Labor Practice, specifically. union busting, illegal dismissal, bad faith, refusal to bargain and illegal closure were their main concerns.

Through months of hard work and skillful persistence from CM Fegi, with the guidance of Directors Javines and Aquino, management and the union settled their differences.

The parties agreed on the settlement in the amount of 1.3Million, all in, for the remaining 11 workers involved in the case.

Management also processed the affected workers’ Certificate of Employment and Termination Notice for purposes of availing the financial assistance from SSS.

Meanwhile, the Preventive Mediation case of Siemen’s Energy Inc. rooted from Siemen’s Power Employees Union (SPOUE) allegation that management committed Unfair Labor Practice for the alleged non-payment of premiums during the pandemic as specified in their CBA.

CM Fegi, with her skillful approach on the issue amicably settled the case.

Management agreed to pay an additional 100% of daily salary as a premium not because of its contractual obligation but out of generosity.

Through the skills and right attitude of the handling conciliator-mediator and the openness of both parties, solutions to problems are not elusive.

Thus, settlements are always satisfying and mutual respect is always retained and gained.

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