In this new normal that requires the use of virtual platforms in conducting conciliation-mediation conferences, settling labor disputes are even tougher. But settling a case becomes sweeter when it was settled in one sitting.

With the strategies, techniques and skills of Conciliator Mediator Corazon M. Fegi in handling cases, she managed to settle a Preventive Mediation (PM) case in just one virtual conference on 23 June 2021.

Just like how the Company, Asian Transmission Corporation (ATC), assembled a well-designed transportation equipment, Management and the Union, Asian Transmission Non-Supervisory Union (ATNLU), showcased their effective and efficient communication in handling their misunderstanding to build a well-developed relationship in the workplace.

The CBA deadlock issues validated were retirement pay, productivity bonus and advance payment of benefits.

The parties discussed their respective offers and counter offers and had disagreements during the conference.

Con-Med Fegi strategized and talked to parties in separate caucuses to persuade them to reconcilable their differing stands on the issues.

She persistently waited for the parties to meet their minds as she proposed options to resolve their dispute.

Finally, the union and management came-up with their mutually acceptable agreement that led to an economic package of about Php 8.2 Million benefitting 56 covered workers.

This settlement contributed a lot to the accomplishment of the Branch in the disposition of cases within the Process Cycle Time (PCT) considering the fact that it was settled in the initial conference.

End/Romwell Q. Aguilar2021