Retention at work is vital in order to overcome the challenges that we are facing in this time of pandemic.

This was the significant outcome or agreement on labor dispute between Bag of Beans Café and Restaurant, Inc. and Bag of Beans Café Restaurant Workers’ Union – NOWM, as the eight workers were reinstated.

Conciliator-Mediator Corazon Fegi on the initial conference validated the issues on alleged underpayment of 13th month pay, non-payment of overtime pay, non-payment of rest day and special day, rotation of work, non-remittance of SSS and alleged constructive dismissal of eight employees.

The handling Con-Med effectively managed the disputants talking, resulting to the Union’s acceptance of Management’s explanation relative to the money claims and work assignments.

Thus, the issues were trimmed down to the remaining issues on the 13th month pay, non-remittance of SSS premiums and indefinite floating status of eight employees tantamount to constructive dismissal.

Positively, the issue on SSS was agreed by the parties to continue their discussion at their level.

Management clarified and provided the workers the computation made on 13th month pay, which the workers accepted and understood.

Through the continuing effective communication and persistence of Con-Med Fegi, the eight affected workers were reinstated to work.

She reminded the parties that disagreements may exist but at the end of the day, they are still partners who need to work hand in hand so that the business will continue and jobs will be preserved.

Management and the newly created union may face more challenges in the coming days for they are in the process of union recognition.

But the positive outcome of the conciliation mediation conducted by ConMed Fegi provided an eye opener that the parties need each other and eventually resulted to a healthy relationship between the labor and management of Bag of Beans.

End/Romwell Q. Aguilar2021